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Kaitoma Creatives is your visual voice. We think in colour, line and shape, always aspiring to the best possible solution for your advertising conundrums. We want your brand to speak loudly, clearly, and be heard. We therefore specialise in listening and then creating below-the-line branding, advertising and printing according to your needs. We also do web and digital media. We single-mindedly follow our core mandate: to

Established in 2006 by Creative Director Paul Moeng (BA Visual Communication), Kaitoma was later joined by Malose Leolo CA(SA) as Finance Director. Both specialise in a unique, highly developed segment of business and visual communication. We also have a team of fresh, new talent to aid in delivering a variety of professional end-products and services.

Vision and Mission

In our imaginarium you will find all the people, objects, traces, legends, pieces and ideas that make up the fibre of our South African culture and society. It is our vision to bring this fibre to life – locally and internationally – through visuals and words that will have the country at the edge of their seats. By considering the two most important aspects of our business, namely our clients and our marketing strategy we aim to carve new territory – our ultimate objective being to revolutionise the industry and always stay at the forefront of creative culture.

We aim to provide products and services that will not only expand the existing brands of our clients but also attract, grow and inspire their target audience, ultimately generating better brand awareness, loyalty and financial returns.

Products and Services

Kaitoma Creatives offer professional, quality services and products. Our creative team is highly specialised in the full spectrum of print, web and digital media. Furthermore, our capacity as creative company extends to creative consultation, concept development, brand communication, graphic design and advertising, copywriting and editing, photography and video, web development and printing services.

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Physical address: First Floor, No 35, Weirda Road West, Weirda Valley, Sandton
Telephone no: 011-883-1039

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