Mid-weight Social Media Manager

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Our Agency is a team focussed on the creation, distribution and evaluation of content across many platforms. We offer a range of techniques, tools and specialist services to help our clients achieve success through an integrated marketing strategy. Our agency is ideas-led. Creativity is crucial. Owning that creative thought; that strategy; that one thing that puts us in the driving seat of a campaign is an essential goal for every project we undertake. No matter what your specific role within the team, the expectation is that you will be able to contribute to developing, shaping or implementing that core creative idea. You have your own specialist skill set, your own area of knowledge – yet you must always aim to push the boundaries of that specialism to help us create an integrated approach to creative strategies and implementation. That means, even in your role with your specific job spec, you must embrace the opportunity to blur the lines between what you do and what your colleagues do in other areas of the team.

Role and responsibilities

  • Content creation for the different platforms  
  • Copywriting is required for monthly content plans and website
  • Understanding the various platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Keep up to date with what the new tools are on the platforms
  • Research competitors and industry trends and implement it into the content
  • Responsible for proofreading and proof checking all content before being distributed
  • Pro-actively manage social media communities: respond appropriately to user comments and queries with the client’s approval and assistance.
  • Build FAQ sheets
  • Manage escalation processes with the client
  • Manage media spend on the different platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter customer relations.
  • Meet with clients monthly and present reports, calendars and ideas on how to improve the performance of the platforms
  • Ensure the accounts KPI’s are met
  • Execute work on time; meet all deadlines while producing quality and accurate work
  • Stay abreast of current industry trends and technology, creating and updating quarterly reviews
  • Research ideas and study successful competitor’s campaigns and report on these findings
  • Computer literacy, capability in MAC is preferable.
  • Serve as the primary social media lead, managing our client’s social media communities to ensure all deliverables and KPI’s are not only met but surpassed.
  • Oversee, review and approve content plans to ensure quality content that maximises engagement across all client communities
  • Drive social media innovation by researching and staying on top of trends, technologies and innovations and provide strategic guidance across all social channels
  • Produce proposals and supporting documents to communicate social media strategy and insights, participating in pitches as well as contracted projects
  • Understand key trends that drive consumer behaviour in the social space, living at the intersection of brands, culture and creativity

Qualifications and education requirements:

Degree/qualification in journalism or marketing or communications  
At least two social media certifications
3-4 years Social Media work experience

Please email CV and portfolio to
Closing date: 31 May 2019.