Asithandile Mbalu

Social Media Manager

Asithandile (Asy) kicked off her journey with Kaitoma as our very own intern number one. Her industriousness and drive for excellence led to her joining our team as a junior social media manager. She may be relatively new to the industry, but she has the can-do spirit required to stay on the pulse of creativity. What’s alluring about Asy is her enigmatic demeanour and blatant honesty – she calls a spade a spade! When she’s not working on our clients’ social media content plans, you’ll find her at home, disconnecting from the world. The way Asy lives her life is guided by the following saying: “Painted hearts rust and fade.” In her own words, “You should constantly create, paint and restore. You can’t let things die out.” Hunger, both literal and figurative, is Asy’s biggest motivation to show up and get things done.