Mahlasedi Ntlhane


Sedi started off studying PR but then decided it wasn’t thrilling enough, so she moved into the unpredictable and electrifying world of accounting. When she joined Kaitoma, Sedi realised she could have the best of both worlds by bringing her creative perspective to our projects while she stops Murerwa from spending all our profits on golf clubs. Like all twenty-somethings, Sedi has had her quarter-life crisis about her career path (she may have panicked and picked the spreadsheet life) and realised that adulting is hard. But as she draws nearer to the big three-oh, we know that she has found her passion in accounting and Veuve Cliquot (a very interesting story where she definitely didn’t drink too much champagne but still ended up with the very specific nickname ‘Veuve’). She doesn’t spend all her time calling SARS or doing financials; she’s also a bit of a socialite.