We’re about building brands that communicate better.
Paul Mogapi Moeng, Managing Director.

Kaitoma is an integrated creative communications agency that prides itself in bringing different aspects of communication into unison and integrating concepts into seamless strategies. We develop unique consumer experiences for our brands and their clients. Our creative approach involves thorough research, strategy, idea implementation, overall analysis and improvements in all through-the-line work. These creative strategies don’t only perform because of our ideas but because we offer a full, well- packaged experience exclusive to each brand’s needs thus fostering the internal and external improvement of communication and business growth for all our clients.

What we do

• Strategy
• Communication solutions
• Visual identity
• Brand management

• Brand experiences
• Social media
• Digital Marketing
• Insights and analytics

Our history

Kaitoma was established in 2006 by Creative Director; Paul Mogapi Moeng, Malose Leolo CA(SA) later joined the company as the Financial Director. They both specialise in a unique, highly developed segment of the business and visual communication. Over the years we have assembled a team of fresh, new talent to aid in delivering a variety of professional end-products and services. Throughout the years we’ve been privileged to work with brands like Greenpeace, Cartrack, McCain, Royal Bafokeng Holdings, RH Bophelo and Third Way Investment Partners.

A good place for brilliant minds

We view our agency as a community, working together to live our theory of excellence. We measure ourselves by the amazing journeys we take our clients through. Accordingly, we’ve assembled some of the best. With an exceptional, balanced team and environment, we are able to create the experiential journeys our clients deserve.

About the name

In a coffee shop, one afternoon, two creatives sat pondering about turning their creativity into an official business. Looking for inspiration, they came across the Japanese karate organisation, Wado Kai, which purports that knowledge and skill require concentrated effort. With a clearly-directed effort, they concluded, “success takes 90% preparation and 10% perspiration”. Right on-beat, the notion of perception came up; How it is mostly influenced through nature and nurture, and not necessarily based on any scientific evidence. The concept of scotoma (illusion), came to the forefront. “Creativity is a mirage!” they concluded. Armed with skills and a “will do” attitude, Kai and toma married into Kai.toma Creatives.

Here’s the thing; there is no scientific evidence that Coke tastes better than Pepsi.