About the name


In a coffee shop, one afternoon, two creatives sat pondering about turning their creativity into an official business. Looking for inspiration, they came across a Japanese karate organisation, Wado Kai, which purports that knowledge and skill require concentrated effort. With a clearly-directed effort, they concluded that “success takes 90% preparation and 10% perspiration”. And at that very moment, the notion of perception came up; how it is mostly influenced by nature and nurture, and not necessarily based on any scientific evidence. The concept of scotoma (illusion) came to the forefront; “creativity is a mirage!” they concluded. Armed with skills and a “will-do” attitude, the ingenious duo married the two concepts, Kai and toma, and Kai.toma Creatives was born. 

Here’s the thing: there is no scientific evidence that Coke tastes better than Pepsi.