1Life: Live Forever


Focusing on life, rather than death

There is no doubt that fear sells and nearly every insurance company continues to build its brand based on it.

However, using fear becomes ineffective in a world where every other insurance company exploits it. If 1Life aims to set itself apart from the clutter of fear, it will need to think a little different — perhaps the opposite end.

On the other side of fear lies freedom

How do we communicate 1Life services, which are based on fear, without inciting a sentiment of fear?

To avoid falling into the complacency of invoking words like ‘death’ and ‘disability’, we developed a unique creative direction and narrative that projects ‘life’ as the hero of 1Life products, and never ‘death’.

Our long-term objective: To make 1Life truly change lives!

A life manifesto

No one ever dies.

Our dreams, our goals and the memories we shared with loved ones continue to live on beyond our last breath.

At 1Life, we believe that a mother’s heart continues to beat in the life of her child, even after she is gone.

We believe a late garden-worker can live on to become CEO of a company through the life of his son.

Or a teacher — long passed — may live on to take the oath as a president of a nation through the hand of his daughter.

A late layman’s plans of yesteryears can prove to materialise through his grandchildren.

Even a departed nurse, a passed-on policeman, or a late fireman; their dreams of a better life continue to live on through their loved ones.

But it all begins with the baton we pass on to the next generation so that they, too, can run the race of life.

At 1Life, we believe in offering products and services that can change peoples lives, especially of those left behind.

Because we know that after life, there is still life.

That is why we say, let your dreams, ambitions, aspirations and life…


Note: This project was a pitch to 1Life Insurance and does not represent commissioned work.