A Sustainable Text Logo for Greenpeace Africa


The environmental challenge

Kaitoma Creatives was tasked with developing a text logo for Greenpeace Africa, one that would be a visual representation of Africa while still being able to exist next to the iconic graffiti logo.

An African solution

We took an African contemporary art approach to develop the text logo. Our goal was to create one pattern that reflects Africa’s rich art. Chevrons, geometric shapes and zigzags took centre stage as they are widely used design patterns across the continent, and they represent everything that exists naturally or is man-made. Moreover, the patterns blended well with the Greenpeace graffiti font. This representation is in line with Greenpeace’s effort to encourage the world to choose to go green (exist naturally) and discontinue the hazardous carbon footprint on the planet. Bright African contemporary art colours were used on different letters of the word “Africa”. Each colour represents the different natural resources, namely sunlight, atmosphere, water, and land, along with all the vegetation, crops, people and animal life.