Building a Brand Through the Magic of Stars


Maia Capital Partners is a new impact investment firm that had a successful launch in July. We created a brand identity, narrative, logo and payoff-line that perfectly capture the company’s vision, mission and strategic objectives. In addition to creating a logo and brand narrative for Maia, we also assisted with setting up and coordinating a webinar launch, which was very successful.  

The Maia logo

Maia Capital Partners commissioned Kaitoma Creatives to design a logo that best encapsulates what the firm does and the meaning behind the name, which is inspired by Maia, the star and symbolism of wealth. 

A lot of thought went into creating the logo. Each element represents the ways in which Maia Capital connects its clients to profitable investment opportunities. 

The sphere

The sphere represents the universe in which Maia exists, in this case, the global economy and industries in which Maia Capital Partners seeks investment opportunities.

The constellation

The constellation represents the work that Maia Capital Partners does – the firm connects its clients’ funds to attractive industries that will yield a competitive return, whilst positively impacting society and the environment. 

The colours

The blue colour spectrum represents that colour of the universe and symbolises knowledge, stability and trust. Moreover, blue represents the growth of the client’s funds and depicts the transition from investment to prosperity.

A connected narrative

Every brand needs a story, something that will help them connect deeply with their customers and consumers in general; a narrative that will paint a picture of who they are, what they believe in and where they are headed as a company. 

Click below to listen to the Maia brand narrative.