Building a Socially Sound Foundation for Marley Building Systems


A strong foundation

Marley Building Systems (MBS) is redefining building methodologies in South Africa as the country transitions from traditional construction to more economical, lightweight and environmentally friendly materials. But not everyone was aware of this, and this is what we wanted to change sooner rather than later. And now, the name Marley is not just synonymous with reggae music.

Building a social presence

The objective was to develop a social media strategy, along with a hashtag for Marley Building Systems, that will resonate with the intended B2B target market: architects, builders and contractors that source and use building materials daily. Our aim was to position MBS as the best provider of sustainable dry construction material.

Marley Building Systems - Architects

Building on success

Marley Building Systems’ social media pages vanity metrics have consistently increased on all platforms, which also saw the engagement rate increase significantly, especially reach and impressions. All platforms continue to maintain a neutral and positive sentiment, which is a result of good community management on the pages.