How We Helped RH Bophelo Raise R500 Million


A healthy start

RH Bophelo has become a major player in the South African healthcare industry. With a defined aim of providing quality healthcare for people in the lower to middle-income brackets, RH Bophela has managed to improve the lives of South Africans one hospital at a time.  Here’s how great branding and effective communication helped the company raise R500 million, which led to its JSE listing and access to the initial capital required to start operating.

An African entity that understands the timeless value of health

As a 100% black-owned African listed entity, we proposed that RHB rewrite the script and approach healthcare from an African perspective. We proposed a fresh corporate narrative and a communication approach that would position the brand as an African entity that understands the underlying and timeless values of health.

“Without health, children will not rise in the early hours of the morning and go to school to secure their future. Without health, a worker cannot lay bricks and build a high-rise. Without health, the fastest runner could never win the lowest-ranked medal. Without health, the breadwinner cannot bring back home the bread. Without health, there can be no prosperity. For these reasons and more, we invest our time and wealth in health. Because ultimately, health is wealth.” – The RH Bhopelo philosophy

A healthy identity

The logo is inspired by a medical emblem called ‘caduceus’ often used on healthcare packaging. Over and above the emblem, the logo icon reflects the acronym of the company’s name RH Bophelo (Bophelo Capital). The colours were sparked by the pay-off line ‘Health is Wealth’. The teal represents ‘health’, and the colour gold is well known to have a sentiment of ‘wealth’.

Building trust

With RHB being a newly listed entity on the JSE, the company needed to build trust and express its ideologies to its people. We achieved this by developing articles and fact sheets that spoke about the company, including its plans and strategy, then we created authentic biographies of the board members and built an image library for their media.

Thereafter, we focused on creating a healthy social presence before the company’s official listing, which tied into the public relations drive. This was aimed at associating trust with the brand and amongst its potential investors and the public. We further developed email communication campaigns that kept all the stakeholders up-to-date, leading up to the official JSE listing. All in all, our overall effects and communication strategy saw the success of RH Bophelo’s listing and the opening of many doors and opportunities.

A good bill of health

We worked with RH Bophelo to successfully build a trusted brand that people can invest in, to make private healthcare more affordable. Since the listing, we have continued to keep stakeholders informed and up-to-date with the company through the use of different mediums of communication including email marketing, social media, publications and radio. Though still a young company in terms of its years, the brand is solid and, most importantly, it is trusted.