How We Made You Enjoy #PeaceOfMind with Cartrack Throughout the Summer


Getting back on the right track

We were required to develop an overarching social media strategy and hashtag that would be used to launch the official Cartrack Summer Campaign.  

People are emotion-fuelled subjective beings

At the time, Cartrack’s social media communication could be identified as very objective and detached from emotion. People are emotion-fuelled subjective beings, and competitors have figured this out. Humans make biased personal decisions as opposed to unbiased generic ones. With that said, we wanted to drive content that spoke to people as if the brand was an actual person!

More than a vehicle tracking company

One could say a vehicle is more than just a tool to get you from A to B. It’s your ride or die (no pun intended). It can also be your dream machine and even your gas guzzler. We knew this and understood that people want everyday products that will significantly improve their lives. We set off to revitalise Cartrack by adding feeling to the brand and its social media communication. By adding an element of emotion, Cartrack’s social presence can already be associated with a personality and some level of humanness through its key messages.

Social Media Strategy: To reposition Cartrack as a brand that gives consumers “Peace of Mind” at all times.

Long-term objective: To make Cartrack top of mind, for peace of mind!

Hot new #hashtag for a hot summer

Upon the introduction of the hashtag, summer meant that things would be different for Cartrack’s social media in every way possible! Armed with a great new overarching hashtag, we rallied together and came up with a summer campaign that would position Cartrack as a company that understands that your car is more than its looks or how fast it can go – it allows you to experience different things, achieve more and live your life. So, this summer you can do the things you’ve always wanted to do: #EnjoySummer, and enjoy #PeaceOfMind.

Tracking our success

We successfully made Cartrack more accessible on social media, resulting in increased organic sales over the last 12 months and visually pleasing content that allowed for more engagement that triggered people’s emotions.