#HowManyTimes – 16 Days of Activism Social Media Campaign


Overcoming challenges by applying creativity

The campaign idea was to use phrases and sentences that victims of abuse use to protect or defend their abusers. We refrained from generic graphic images and took an emotive approach through a play on words. We needed the message to be clear and affirmative, and the #HowManyTimes hashtag did just that! How many times are you going to keep protecting a monster?

Caution, wet floor.

Yellow may represent caution, sickness, and/or jealousy. Using this specific colour for the campaign artwork enhanced the main concept of speaking out against abuse. We wanted to increase awareness and highlight the damage caused by enduring abuse.

Using creativity to create awareness

Sans Forgetica is a font designed with the intention of using the principles of cognitive psychology to help you to better remember your study notes. We intentionally used this font in the text so that it stands out and to ensure that people notice that different font, question it, engage with it and, most importantly, remember it.

It was tough, but it had to be done

We successfully launched a low-budget digital campaign that supports a global campaign, which resulted in exposure for the agency and, ultimately, gave volume to the key messages and overall insights. Part of the execution plan meant us being part of the influencer lists due to our high reach, impressions and engagement. As a result, our core messages were well received across all platforms and sparked discussions.