Third Way Investment Partners Shift from Emerging to Maturity


Serious about investing

Third Way is gradually becoming an industry leader in the investment and asset management space. With this transition, the leading independent fund manager needed assistance with aligning it’s USP and improving its brand positioning in the market. They wanted to come across as more like Wall Street and less like Sesame Street. Our goal was to create a sense of who they are while giving them a slightly corporate edge.

Understanding the name

Our narrative was based upon life – be it investments, corporate work or a casual game of chess, there are conventional ways of approaching a matter. The paths are often inevitable and generic. It is the route that the majority of people opt for first. This approach is often referred to as Plan A, or our interpretation: The First Way.

Our second way is the alternative approach to achieving a particular goal. It is what we call Plan B, or The Second Way. It is what many choose when Plan A fails.

Finally, we have the Third Way, which is where we come in. This is an approach that leads to a unique way of doing things. This is when our creative process kicks in and meets our strategic angles that no other player has thought of yet. Here, we spot new opportunities or create fresh solutions that change the industry and impact lives.

Third Way Investment Partners is our way of saying that we do things differently from those that are already different.

A little poem about the pay-off line

The sky is the beginning. Find a way.
Spark an idea. Wake up the future.
Stand up when everyone is sitting down.
Think different. Think different again.
Don’t settle for second.
Be the alternative to the alternative.
Think out of the box and rise beyond the mediocre.
See the opportunity. Enter the door.
Find a third way and invest in the moment.
Go ahead and…

Lead the way.