#TranslationTuesdays: Highlighting the Vibrancy of South African languages


South Africa is one of the most diverse countries in the world, boasting a resplendent kaleidoscope of cultures, traditions and languages. South Africans have a vast and unique lexicon worth celebrating and sharing, and this is what the Kaitoma Creatives #TranslationTuesdays Twitter campaign has set out to achieve. What started out as a campaign to grow our vanity matrix resulted in a virtual Mzansi dictionary that gained much traction on social media, with definitions making their rounds on WhatsApp as well. 

Results of the campaign

The #TranslationsTuesdays campaign had the following results: 

  • Twitter impressions: 330 573+
  • Over 22 000 engagements
  • Our followers increased from 588 to 1535 

Kaitoma’s #TranslationTuesdays campaign brought to the fore the fascinating malleability of language and the artful ways in which we give expression to our everyday experiences. The campaign highlighted the fact that language is an ever-evolving social phenomenon that can never be stagnant, especially in the South African context. Moreover, it highlighted the power of Black Twitter.