Working Smarter with McCain Food Service


The ingredients

Our objectives: McCain wants to become the leading supplier of frozen chips, vegetables and meals in South Africa. They also wanted to increase their market share in the food service industry through the innovation of new products.

The challenge: Communication with key stakeholders (resellers, distributors and end-users) had become redundant and affected brand awareness and brand engagement.

The recipe

We proposed a fresh new corporate narrative and communication approach that tied into McCain’s mantra of “we make it simpler”. We focused on positioning the brand as a holistic solution to its customers, removing the stress of having to source high-quality products by themselves and giving them more time for the important things in life.

The result – a fresh, new pay-off line

In the 21stcentury, people are overwhelmed and constantly on the go. Unlike the past, change now means working intelligently rather than working hard. Why would anyone want to spend time peeling potatoes or picking vegetables when the job is already done for you?

McCain gives you valued time to:

  • craft the beer that you have always dreamt of;
  • develop and enrich that age-old family recipe; and
  • make memories with your family.

At McCain, the best minds are dedicated to developing quality food for your business, so you won’t have to.

With McCain Food Service you can…Work Smarter.