Our 2020 Campaign: A New Decade for Brands to Make Friends

22 January 2020. Posted in Press Release by

All of Earth consists of connected ecosystems; on land, under the sea and even in the air, there is a vast array of ecosystems functioning to create what National Geographic refers to as “the bubble of life”. These are not limited to nature. We see ecosystems even in human life and friends are an essential part of ecosystems that operate to ensure that we are always fruitful, whether at home or in business.  

A New Decade for Brands to Make Friends is our 2020 campaign aimed at helping brands connect with their customers and consumers, by nurturing the relationships as one would a friendship. 

So, what does a friendship between a brand and a customer look like? First and foremost, it is about listening with intentionality, paying careful attention to customers’ needs—do the necessary research to genuinely understand how you can help the customer solve their problem. It is also about keeping in contact with your customers, through different communication channels. There are times when friends complain and that’s when we step in and help them solve their problems, the same should apply to customers. Brands should see customer complaints as an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with them, it’s an opportunity to show that you care. This outlook towards customers must also be extended to employees, suppliers, partners and every one the brand has within its ecosystem. 

For us as a company, we intend to do the same; this new decade is about authentic connections that yield beneficial results for our clients, their customers and our brand. Our focus will be on creating platforms, online and in real life, for us to build and maintain meaningful relationships with our clients, our employees and the industry.

Overall, it may be said, brands exist to help consumers fulfil their purpose and vice versa; that is the essence of true friendship. 

Here’s to a decade of making friends!


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