Khanya Joins Us from the Mother City

3 March 2019. Posted in Press Release by

We welcome to our family, Khanya Makaba, a senior graphic designer. Khanya moved to the bustle of Jo’burg because he felt that he had learnt as much as he could in Cape Town. The creative industry in the Mother City had become static and because Jo’burg is a hub for all creatives, his interest in having the ‘best of both worlds’ compelled him to move.

After being offered employment by a number of companies, Khanya chose Kaitoma Creatives because he felt it would be an outstanding challenge to his craft and would definitely grow him as a creator. Kaitoma doesn’t believe in above, through or below the line but in amazing creative work that communicates effectively by understanding the importance of the relationship between copy and imagery in the creating process thus raising the bar higher; that is quite a promising start in Khanya’s opinion.

Khanya is inspired by all things Art and Design. From music, clothing, illustrations to print ads and ‘mind-blowing’ digital campaigns. He believes everything around us is art and so he finds a lot of his inspiration from spaces around him. “I’m proud to have come up with a Bronx idea for a bus stop ad and having executed it with the best of my ability as a designer. It goes without saying that it’s one of my best work”, shares Khanya. He’s done work for Lindt Chocolate packaging as well as a Regent Insurance illustration ad. Khanya has also taken part in the creation of a Commando Brandy campaign that took place in East London’s Ubuhlanti in the Eastern Cape.

Khanya hopes to bring ideas that sell to Kaitoma. “Anyone can design, but no designer can mimic and execute an idea the way I hope for it to be”, he says. He wants to create and craft consistent artwork in and for the agency.


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