We Add a Vibrant Personality to the Team

3 June 2019. Posted in Press Release by

If Kelebogile were given the choice of any superpower, she would choose flying; experiencing any city from an aerial view would be freeing indeed. Flying to different places is definitely a perk, in our opinion!

Kelebogile Motswatswa, who was born and raised in Johannesburg, describes herself as an intellectual non-fiction writer with a creative flair; she definitely brings this flair to Kaitoma, as our senior copywriter, every day. She has been published in the Mail & Guardian’s arts and culture supplement, Friday, and in a Pan-African magazine called New African.

She draws inspiration from the amazing genre that is jazz, people’s stories, and love. She enjoys India Arie’s music as well as the late Maya Angelou’s autobiographies.

Kelebogile chose Kaitoma because of “how intentional they are about helping clients realise their business objectives and live up to their values; it’s not only about money but also about something bigger, more valuable and long-lasting. Of course I was also drawn to it because it is 100% Black-owned”.

Kelebogile hopes to bring energy, laughter, joy and excellence to our agency. While she has much to be proud of, she says her greatest accomplishment is living with bipolar and showing up every day, giving her work and existence her all.


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