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3 March 2019. Posted in Communication by

A new business offering to help you connect better with your customers

As a business, building relationships with customers is essential. With more technological advancements being introduced every day, people crave human interactions, and messaging apps have bridged that gap especially on platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Research shows that now people connect more often using messaging apps, especially amongst the younger generation. According to Facebook for Business Insights, 7 in 10 businesses surveyed think they are communicating effectively with customers, yet just 2 in 10 consumers surveyed agree. Therefore, what we believe as businesses works for our customers might not necessarily be true; hence the establishment of WhatsApp for Business.

WhatsApp for business is an Android app which is free to download and was built with small businesses in mind. WhatsApp Business API allows for a more ‘personal’ touch and allows more businesses and brands to send messages to customers efficiently and at scale. Both platforms work the same way as the WhatsApp we use in our personal capacity. Businesses are allocated one cellphone number that is linked to their business, they then can create a profile using automated tools to sort and quickly respond to messages. Once they’ve created a profile, businesses can provide responsive customer care and send timely one-way notifications. However, businesses are only able to contact users who have provided their phone numbers and have agreed to be contacted by the organisation/brand. This mirrors Facebook’s policy, which requires a business to be contacted by an individual user before being able to start a conversation. “If you’re a large business that struggles to provide a response within 24 hours, don’t despair: the WhatsApp Business app makes it easy to queue up automated messages.” – Forbes.com

As Kaitoma Creatives, we understand the importance for our clients to be able to communicate with their customers and build relationships which lead to brand loyalty. We then offer the service to customise WhatsApp for Business for your business needs and tailor it to suit your customer needs. We understand that customers are attracted and more loyal to brands that can personalise their communication to their specifications. Therefore, as part of our communications offering, we will provide you with WhatsApp for Business so you can better communicate with your customers and get your messages directly to them. Some of the local brands that use WhatsApp for Business are Bizcommunity, where people can sign up to receive their newsletters, ABSA Chatbot which allows clients to source their banking info directly from their WhatsApp app as well as DStv, which issues you a WhatsApp number so you can manage your DStv account online, easily clearing error codes from there.

Should you need more information about WhatsApp for Business please feel free to call us or alternatively, just WhatsApp us.


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